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An Honest Assessment

Certainly since 1968 -- and possibly since 1934 -- Americans' gun rights have been in drastic decline. That decline has been created, and studiously maintained, by the failed and disastrous strategies of the National Rifle Association.

The NRA has been synonymous with the shooting sports in America, but has now become as much a gun control organization as a gun rights group. Though the 1994 passage of the Brady Act opened NRA members' eyes to this fact, there are literally hundreds of earlier examples where the NRA has stood against gun rights -- and for the "establishment."

The NRA's main motivation is being friends with those "shakers and movers" in the Beltway. One activist made this analogy: "The NRA desperately wants a seat at the table, even though the host feeds them dog food and makes fun of them in front of the other guests."

Most NRA members believe the NRA represents their members by urging politicians to move toward freedom. Instead, the NRA is given orders by politicians, which the NRA must then sell to its members. In other words, the NRA no longer represents its members but actively represents politicians.

If you want to delve into the NRA's misdeeds with honesty and an open mind, read on. If you are an NRA hack, who thinks the three letters mean no wrong can be done, you don't deserve the freedom we aim to protect.

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